WJMO 2018 Completed

The West Java Motorcycle Overland Adventure 2018 has been completed by 30 of total 31 participants on 25 February 2018 at the finish line in Garut. One participant experienced a breakdown on his motorcycle on day-2, so he could not continue.






During the second day, all participants were required to ride through a 87 kilometers gravel and rocky road under the heavy rain. To many of them, the second day was like a revenge for the 100% asphalt road on day-1.  The route combination were perfect and able to satisfy every riders for an adventure. Day 3 was a short ride to the finish line as it was Sunday and the finish location is another 300 kilometers from home.

Overall, WJMO 2018 was a great event! Wait for our next motorcycle overland adventure event in 2018! See you soon!