Nusantaride Day 2018 Revealed!

NDay 2018 or the Nusantaride Day 2018 is finally revealed! It will be on 14-15 April 2018, taking place at Pacitan, East Java.

Nusantaride is Indonesia’s largest online community for bikers that love to travel anywhere around Indonesia to discover its beauty. NDay or Nusantaride Day is the community’s always waited annual event. NDay has always been an event that draws attention and substantial interest amongst the Nusantaride members. The community organizers has their unique way of keeping the next NDay location as a mistery, until the day it is revealed so members could have sufficient time to make preparations to join the event.

Nusantaride itself is a unique community. They communicate with each other through the Nusantaride facebook group by posting photos of unique destinations complete with details like the location’s longitude and latitude, route selection, and of course the hidden beauty to be explored around the area.  If you visit the group’s facebook, you will see it as if looking on a GIS data containing beautiful destinations around Indonesia.

Here are some details regarding NDay 2018:

Check-point: Monumen Jenderal Sudirman, Pakis Baru, Pacitan
Date: 14 – 15 April 2018
Coordinate of Location: -7.939056, 111.181492
Route check point for those coming from west or north coast of Java,  via -7.8469231,111.2602903 (Purwantoro bus terminal)
Route check point for those coming from Java south coast route, via -7.948319,111.187104 (Nawangan intersection – Purwantoro)

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Facebook page and group: Nusantaride