What differs our tour packages from others? One of it is comfort.

Yes, in our tour packages comfort of every participants are one of our main concern. Some people may call this as luxury, for us it’s a basic service.

Not every trip will allow us to stay in a four or five-star hotel. There are time when we do camping by the lake, or on a mountain slope. Nevertheless, we will ensure that you will get the comfort of living in a full serviced luxurious hotel. You don’t have to worry about setting up your tent or cooking food for dinner. Just ride your motorcycle to the point where we will stop for the night, and enjoy the night at best.

When we stay in a hotel, everyone will get their own room except you are traveling with a pillion that want to share the same room. The hotel we choose will be the best in the area, and we will take you to eat at the best gourmet places.

Nothing is more comfortable than pampering yourself at a spa on the rest days of the trip. Only on the rest days? No, you can have massage almost at every hotel that we stay.

We prepare the trip comfort by preparing deep details of the route and activities. All the costs associated with the trips, including for food, beverage (except alcoholic beverage), and even massage has been calculated in the trip price so you don’t even need to bring cash or your wallet for the trip duration. Well you maybe want to bring a little amount of money just to pay for tips or buying souvenier.

At Indonesia Bike Tour, all you have to do is ride and enjoy. Let us do our work to ensure your comfort.