Without safety in mind, then no trip should be done, don’t even think about going.

As in our other adventure activities, we believe in Murphy’s Law that said “anything that can go wrong, will”. Based on this we always try to make sure that all inherent risk of motorcycling has been anticipated.

At Indonesia Bike Tour we strive to ensure that every trip will be a safe one because various risks are imminent in every motorcycle riding tours. Before a trip begins, we will make sure all road plans has been made and verified for safety and security, all bike preparations has been done properly, rider protection gear are in place, the riders are fit, and so on.

Everyone in our team, let them be a Road Captain, the support car driver, mechanic and helpers are certified as Emergency First Responder (EFR). Besides that, all crew are trained as adventure riders, that they can help you refresh your riding skills when needed. They are also equipped with proper skills, tools and equipments to ensure that you will get the most wonderful trip in your life.